Joan Of Arc Significance

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Joan of Arc was a simple peasant girl the youngest of five children born into a family of pious parents whom worshipped God in a in a village near the province of Lorraine, in a far off village known as Domremy. Joan having been born a peasant and in a village, not in a city had very little education and with there were being two different factions of the French people following the two different kings, Kings Charles VII and King Henry V. Even with Joan’s little education, she believed that King Charles VII should be king because she had been given messages from the visions received from the saints of Margeret, Catherine and Michael that Charles was the one true king chosen by God.
At the age of thirteen Joan believed that she was chosen
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The French army had originally had a tough time fighting against the English and was never really able to siege the city of Orleans but all of that changed when Joan of Arc had made an arrival in order to help. Even though she was excluded from the war meetings and tactical discussions, Joan knew exactly what she needed to know and would provide the moral support that was necessary for the troops to press on and claim…show more content…
The male hierarchy would be thrown into chaos as not only would women be demanding to have equal rights as men women would want to be given high ranking jobs, legal rights and having the same privileges’ as men, using Joan as an example of women being able to stand their own not only within the battlefield but amongst noblemen and
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