Joana Fahrenheit: A Short Story

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The principal of Heilig High School where I attended was a woman in her forty named Joana Fahrenheit.
Though she was already in her forty, her appearance was still quite good.
I didn’t say she looked too young for her age. If anything her face really matched that of a woman in her forty with few wrinkles, probably because of her role as principal.
But, compared to most woman her age that I have seen, Mrs. Joana Fahrenheit’s appearance was more pleasant. She still had a pair of blue eyes that were still brimming with confidence despite her age. Besides, even though her chest-length wavy blonde hair had become paler, Mrs. Joana Fahrenheit’s body was still skinny over the course of three years I saw her. She really was better-looking than any
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We don’t know what that person will do, after all. That’s why I want you to catch him before he can act again.”
“I understand.” I rubbed my head, “Then, what is the other one? You need help with two things, right?”
“Yes. The other one is to pick up a transfer student from Einzel City.”
“Transfer student?”
Several days ago, Mrs. Fahrenheit received a letter from Einzel High School. They told her that they sent one of their student here, to Heilig Town, to fulfill a certain mission. As the mission would most likely last several days, if not weeks, they asked Mrs. Fahrenheit to let that student to study here at Heilig High School and stay in its dorm.
“Since we have a good relationship with them, I accepted it.” Mrs. Fahrenheit said after telling us that story, “However, there is a bit of a problem.”
“Problem?” Regina asked, “What is it, ma’am?”
“You see, they forgot to send that student’s data.”
“Wait, if they don’t send that, doesn’t that mean,”
“Yes.” Mrs. Fahrenheit nodded once, “We won’t know the name of the transfer student and his appearance. In fact, we won’t even know what his gender
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And he is supposed to arrive today too. That’s why, I want your help on this matter.”
Picking up someone without knowing his name, appearance, and even gender.
In a glance, this seemed a whole lot worse than me trying to find my friend without knowing her name and face.
However, if I looked at it carefully, it was not that worse.
In fact, it was

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