Joaquin River Restoration

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The reclamation of the San Joaquin River has improved the surrounding ecosystem drastically. With the river return came improvement in the aspects that were questioned before the restoration. Restoring the San Joaquin has revitalized the community, resurrected the salmon population, and catalyzed a change in California water management. The doubts of the people were settled by proving that the river renewal not only brought back salmon population, but rehabilitated the neighboring areas. Reconstruction of the San Joaquin river has been estimated to generate 11,000 new local jobs in the San Joaquin Valley this will help expand and strengthen the region’s economy. The reformation of the river will stimulate the revival of the salmon population and commercial salmon industry. With the resurrection of the San Joaquin, opportunities for tourism as well as recreational access for swimming, fishing and picnicking.…show more content…
With this the economy of the San Joaquin Valley will be replenished and established. In the article Restoring the San Joaquin River, the author states, “the generation of an estimated 11,000 local jobs in the San Joaquin Valley,” (NRDC). Expressing the fact that McEwen was inaccurate about the “economic devastation” (McEwens), supposedly brought with the restoration. McEwens mistakenly accused the revival of the river to be a disaster for the economy of the San Joaquin Valley, but he was incorrect the restoration will in truth lead to a prosperous

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