Job Analysis: Job Description

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Job Analysis:
Job analysis is a systematic process for collecting data about work activities ,equipment, context and Knowledge Skills Abilities required of the job .it is a process of obtaining all relevant job facts .it is a systematic investigation of the tasks ,duties and responsibilities necessary to do a job.
In selection and recruitment job analysis identifies the KSAs necessary for the job success and provides criteria for successful performance .it gives information about jobs currently being done.
Job analysis process generated three tangible outcomes
• Job Description
• Job Evaluation
• Job specification
Here I discussed Job description job Specification and evaluation of job according to the Job assessment sample .
Job Description
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In selection process ,applicants are given tests for example personality tests that helps recruiters select the skillful and best of all applicant for the job .it’s a part of HR department but it links with job analysis as well , some companies also take personality tests with proper judgment and fair results this gives fruitful results for company progress .
Salaries can be set according to the level of skills involved with the job as for General manager of the company selected candidate will be offered a three year contractual employment with market based salary in the given job specification
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Employee development and Career development is also part of HR activities but these also includes in Job analysis information hierarchy which starts with basic element then task duty position Job and job family Occupation to Career level .Career development of Employee it is link with his /her work experience ,expertise and skills .job description ,job analysis and job specifications along with HR activities helps in development of employee Career .
Performance Management ,in the given example when competitive candidate will be selected after recruitment and selection phases his /her performance is managed and monitor by his serious attitude towards his work and the points in job description mentioned about his responsibilities and duties as a GM of the company his coordination with various departments of company ,by proper reporting to CEO of the company .promotion of Employee depends on the their performance

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