Job Burnout Case Study

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The price of success is hard work,
Dedication to the job at hand.
And the determination that
Whether we win or lose,
We have applied the best of,
Ourselves to the task at hand.

Vince Lombardi
In the mind to late1990s, economic constraints led to radical changes in health care system in most developed countries. Organizational policies for retrenchment in hospitals included such strategies as downsizing, restructuring, and re- engineering. Health care restructuring has led to the elimination of available hospital beds, merging of units, departments and programmes, and consolidation or closure of hospitals. Human service workers have been laid off or relocated and the nature of work for many employees has been significantly
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As a result of ongoing change, nurses face challenges requiring them to provide high – quality care at lower costs and the impact of this on nurses has been considerable and far-reaching. With less staff to care for patients. The workload for nurses has significantly increased. Overall, stress levels increase when more patients have to be processed in the same number of hours and turnover is faster than in the past it is generally speculated that the enormous environment may increase the prevalence of job burnout among nurses.
Burnout is a problem because it is associated with lower morale. Reduced job performance, increased tardiness, job turnover, loss of productivity, high rates of absenteeism, and poor physical, mental and emotional health for individual workers. Many studies recently however have discovered low de grees of burnout among nurses as an occupational group.
Job related stress is a widespread problem across industry, but it is endemic in the human services where nurses from the largest group. The assumption that nurses are prone to job stress and burnout – its most severe form is grounded in a vast literature on occupational stress demonstrating that nursing is a more stressful occupation. The following quote is testimony to the embedded nature of stress in
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These mismatch between the nature of at the core tf the development of burnout. The term burnout is now usually limited to mean burnout as described by maslach: a syndrome of emotional exhaustion depersonalization and reduced personal

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