Job Burnout Inventory

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2.0 Introduction
In this chapter the researcher will provide the definition for both dependent and independent variables. Dependent variable is the employee retention and independent variables are the organization commitment, job burnout and Human Resource practices (HR). The fine points about the proportions of the independent variables including dimensions of job burnout which are emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and reduced personal accomplishment. At the same time the researcher will also discussed the different types of HR practices such as training and development, rewards and compensations and working environment. The researcher believes that based on the finding of this research study it will give a better understanding in relation
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Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) is an instrument that was created to measure, Human Services Survey (MBI-HSS), Educators Survey (MBI-ES) and General Survey (MBI-GS). MBI-HSS was used to measure occupational burnout for people with direct contact with service recipients. In nursing MBI-HSS had been used widely as nursing profession provides service to serve people and in this questionnaire there are twenty two items. MBI-GS was used to measure people’s performance in general at work, compared to MBI-HSS and MBI-ES, MBI-GS questionnaires contain the least items, only eighteen items (Maslach & Jackson, 1981).

Emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and reduced personal accomplishment are the three dimensions that are composed in MBI (Maslach, et. al. 1986). Researchers had done several studies and proven that stress and burnout is the major factor causing nurses to consider leaving their job or even looking for other job options (Gillespie & Melby, 2003). Researchers had also proven that, employees who experience job burnout do demonstrates lack of commitments to their organizations, (Levert, Lucas & Ortlepp (2000); Hakanen, Bakker & Schaufeli
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Training and development is defined as a structured mean of knowledge and skills acquisition needed by the employees to improve their performances (Ng, Lam, Ramendran, & Kadiresan, 2012). Training and development allows the employees to grow by gaining knowledge and becoming competent with their skills. Organizations that invest in training and development do cultivate a strong bonding with their employees’ (Aguenza & Mat Som, 2012). Globally employees are looking for organization that provides training and development programs that facilitate their career

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