Job Contentment: The Importance Of Job Satisfaction

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What is job satisfaction? Job satisfaction is the level of contentment employees feel regarding their works, which acts as a motivation to work. This feeling is primarily based on an individual 's perception of satisfaction. Job satisfaction can be influenced by an employee 's ability to complete required tasks, the level of communication in an organization, and the way management treats employees.
Is job satisfaction important? This question may seem to have an obvious answer. It seems extremely logical that a cheerful employee is a “better” employee, which is regularly defined as a “more productive” employee. Employee is an important component in an organization. Consequently, employee job satisfaction is essential to the success and competitiveness of organization. It can impacts on employees’ productivity, performance, quality, commitment, retention, and turnover rate to the organization. So, job satisfaction is important from the perspective of maintaining and retaining the appropriate employees inside the organization. It is about fitting the right individual to the right job in the right culture and keeping them satisfied.
Employee job satisfaction has been targeted by research for more than 100 years. The starting point of these studies dates back to at least 1911, when Taylor began to investigate employees with their job duties to develop better methods to train workforces. After seven years, the interest in job satisfaction had evidently arrived when Edward

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