Job Insecurity In The Workplace

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Problem Statement: Job Insecurity Leads Inefficiency of Employees at Workplace
The job insecurity leading to inefficiency is basically the perceived powerlessness to maintain the desired continuity in a threatened job situation and one’s expectations about continuity in a job situation”. Objective job insecurity refers to the real event that threatens workers’ job situation.
Event may include the overall economic situation in the country such as the austerity measures brought about by the recapitalization and consolidation reform acquisition/merger and internal restructuring as well as downsizing of an organization. Objective job insecurity is that workers who found themselves in organizations that are primarily categorized as “insecure,” experience
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In addition, global job insecurity means workers concern of the possibility of losing jobs in the nearest future while the multidimensional job insecurity has to do with evaluation of workers’ perceived threat on losing a job or job features such as reduced pay or other job incentives. No matter the form it takes, job insecurity involves an uncertainty and fear about the future and therefore a stressor. To further expatiate this a model with four ways of viewing job insecurity is given as follows
(a) “Job insecurity is a state of public awareness”—that is, a high level of unemployment in the community. (b) “Job insecurity at the company level”—is witnessed when a company faces instability in the economy. (c) “Acute job insecurity at the individual level” is often experienced when there is an obvious fact that there will be job loss.
(d) “Anticipation of job loss” that occurs when downsizing has begun in real terms.
Workplace stress derives from many sources. It can be a demanding boss, annoying co-workers, rebellious students, angry customers, hazardous conditions, long commutes and a never-ending workload. Your work performance is also affected by stressors such as family
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Inquiry should be based upon scientific observation (as opposed to philosophical speculation), and therefore on empirical inquiry.
It is worth having a brief overview of critical inquiry because it offers quite a different perspective to positivism and interpretivist. This critical form of research is a meta-process of investigation, which questions currently held values and assumptions and challenges conventional social structures. Epistemology
The epistemology used for finding the causes of job insecurity in social sector is objectivist because it relies on realties and being as a realist and this problem is facing worldwide especially in multinational companies and also the researchers used the concept of objectivist. The given example explain objectivist in better way.
The above research study was based on qualitative research technique. The interviews in Mobilink
Head office, Call Center and Administrative Department are conducted for collection of data. The measures for analysis are employee turnover, work load, work stress, employee salary, job satisfaction, and work to family conflict. Correlation is used for research studies in order to analyze the relationship among independent and dependent employees. This confirms that the

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