Job Redesign: Case Study: Organizational Development And Change

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Trident University International Luis Velazquez Job Redesign Case Study, Module 3 Organizational Development and Change, MGT 423 Professor: Dr. Robert W. Touro 15 May 2017 ABC Corporation As a start, the description of the working environment at ABC corporation seems likable. A lot of freedom, employee’s schedules and so on. But, even with all that, employees leave for alternative jobs or otherwise. From the understanding of this paper, and according to both Bauer & Erdogan (2012, p. 229) and Griffin (2007, p. 9), turnover is considered as a measure of employee dissatisfaction. As such, the case of ABC telemarketers may mean the workers are dissatisfied with the job. While the dissatisfaction may be a result of many factors, this paper uses the jobs characteristics theory to interrogate the case. According to Bauer & Erdogan (2012), the core job characteristics model is aimed at establishing specific psychological states that are observed as useful to employees (p. 229). As such, the redesign should assess the efficacy of the core job characteristics in achieving the intended psychological states. The study establishes that employees need to stand out, feel they are useful and grow their knowledge. Despite existing contrary opinion, employees are said to value information on their results. In short, they need to be aware and own their work. Assessing the situation of ABC Telemarketers reveals the following about the five core job characteristics. There is little

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