Job Satisfaction In Human Resource Management

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In these competitive times Human Resource Management is the most valuable asset in any organization. It is reflection of inherent abilities, acquired knowledge and skills represented by the talents and aptitudes of every person in the organization. In order to stay ahead in this time it is imperative for any organization to use Human resources to maximum possible extent. To achieve this goal they have to ensure that employees perform to their best and keep on improving themselves. However, their performance and motivation to a large extent are influenced by Job Satisfaction. People join an organization with various expectation regarding remunerations, future prospects, social and psychological needs. These needs keep changing
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Cognitive Job Satisfaction.

Affective Job Satisfaction: Affective job satisfaction deals with feelings or emotions that people attach with their Job. Positive Affects (PA) signifies enthusiastic, alert and active behavior while Negative Affects (NA) signifies unpleasant engagement that may result in anger, contempt, absenteeism etc.

Cognitive Job Satisfaction: Cognition is beliefs or attitude towards an aspect or object. With respect to Job it means attitude towards working hours, benefits attached or level of autonomy at place of work etc.

The study of job satisfaction helps management with the variety of information related to job, employees, environment etc. and which in turn can facilitate them in making better and smart decisions and correcting the path if required. It helps in improving the attitudes of employees towards the job and facilitates integration of employee with the organization. It inspires sense of belongingness and sense of participation leading to the overall increase in the productivity of the organization as people show increased Organization Citizenship Behavior
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Employees rate these separately and researchers analyze these ratings to judge the overall satisfaction.
Both methods are helpful. Single global rating method is not very time consuming so it managers can devote that extra time to some other productive work. A summation of job facets helps in recognizing the problem and addresses the root cause of the problem.

theories of Job Satisfactions
There are various theories about job satisfaction, each one with the intention of shedding light and explaining how people find contentment and fulfillment with their occupations. These theories make it clear that jobs are perceived not only a means of earning a living but also as an important extension of one’s identity. Some of the famous theories related to Job Satisfaction have been mentioned below.
Discrepancy theory
As per this theory satisfaction is the function of what a person actually receives from his job situation and what he thinks he should receive or what he expects to receive. If actual satisfaction is less than the desired satisfaction it results in dissatisfaction.
ADAM’S Equity

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