Job Satisfaction Literature Review

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2.1 Introduction In this chapter, the researcher will review the topics on the effect of empowerment on job satisfaction among the employees at Wisma Perkeso Melaka. Other than that, it will review many findings, facts and opinion from different authors to answer the research questions. Based on the literature review provided, one research framework was built up to clearly explain the relationship and effect of empowerment on job satisfaction.
2.2 Review of Literature
2.2.1 Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction can be defined as an employee’s sense of achievement and success on the task given. It is commonly seemed to be directly linked to productivity as well as to personal well-being. Job satisfaction implies doing a job one enjoys, doing it nicely and being rewarded for someone’s efforts. In addition, job satisfaction implies full of passion and happiness with the work. Job satisfaction also can be defined as the satisfaction of an individual has with his or her job.

Job satisfaction is the key element that leads to recognition, promotion, income and the success of other goals that lead to feeling of achievement (Kaliski, 2007). According to Statt (2004), job satisfaction may be also described as the extent to which, an employee is content material with the rewards he or she receives out of his or her task, especially in terms of intrinsic motivation. In addition, according to Schwepker, (2001), argued that job satisfaction may be both

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