Job Satisfaction Personal Values

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Job Satisfaction and Personal Values
Every organization faces challenges when managing their employees. I currently work at Paychex, Inc. as an Implementation Coordinator; however, I started my career with the company as a 401(k) Client Service Advisor in their Client Service Center. Walking into this entry-level position, I noticed problems within the organization that affected job satisfaction and personal values of the employees. Organizational behavior and Biblical principles can be applied to my personal experiences of working in the Client Service Center, to provide insight on how these two challenges can be addressed.
Job Satisfaction
Job Satisfaction is the measurement described by employees of how much they enjoy their role at their
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Starting with a Biblical perspective, Dr. Fischer explained that an organization that honors a covenantal framework is one that recognizes that individuals are very important in contributing to the "big picture", or to the ultimate goal of the business, because they are providing their skills and talents (Fischer, 2012). This was a major issue within the Client Service Center that led to job dissatisfaction because employees did not witness their contribution to the company or feel any form of recognition from management. The Bible states, "So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others" (Romans, 12:5, New International Version). As we are in a part of the body of Christ, we are also part of our organization; therefore, it is important to know who and what we are serving to be fulfilled by our…show more content…
The Schwartz Value Theory has a bipolar dimension, one including the self-enhancement sector. This indicates that individuals are in pursuit of their own interests and success over others (Kinicki & Fugate, 2018). The Paychex Client Service Center experienced a lot of individuals that strongly valued self-enhancement. Many employees were seeking growth opportunities in leadership or account management, but often times felt stuck in their current role because they could not achieve their personal goals they valued because of the high call volume. This led to a high turnover rate because employees were hoping the Client Service Center would act as a stepping stone toward a job in leadership or account management, but it was not attainable because there was no time to foster their
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