Factors Influencing Employee's Job Satisfaction

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As a concept, Job Satisfaction is an integral component of organizational life and it plays an important role in the relationship between employees and management. Many researchers have tried to define the concept as they see fit and not many researchers agree on a definite one. Therefore there are different definitions available. It may be defined as “the extent to which people like (satisfaction) or dislike (dissatisfaction) their work” (Spector, 1997); McNeese-Smith (1996) defines it as the feelings of individuals about their jobs. In the broadest sense, Knoop (1995) stated that it refers to an employee general attitude toward the job or some dimensions of it. According to Cumbey and Alexander (1998) job satisfaction is considered as “an effective feeling that…show more content…
Employee’s job satisfaction is a good indicator of organizational effectiveness and may be influenced by organizational and dispositional factors. Many factors can influence employees’ level of job satisfaction; personality is one of the many factors. It can be an important antecedent of job satisfaction due to the fact that some individuals are subject to negative affectivity, while others are predisposed to a positive…show more content…
Although research has made progress in trying to conceptualize emotions, there is still no definition that every emotion researcher would agree on. Most theorists hold that emotions are the result of an evaluation (an appraisal) of some event relevant to a particular concern or goal (Frijda, 1986). These evaluations can be positive or negative. Emotional phenomena are often described in terms of affect, mood, and/or

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