Job Satisfaction Theory

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1.2 Job Satisfaction
Job Satisfaction is the extent of pleasurable emotional feelings individuals have about their jobs overall, and is the extent of individuals’ satisfaction with particular facets of their jobs, such as pay, working hours, and numerous other aspects of their jobs.
There are many theories that explain the job satisfaction and various factors influencing it. A few of the theories that support the current study are listed below.
Dispositional Theory:
It is probably the only theory in job satisfaction that focuses in detail on the nature and innate behaviour of an individual. This theory states that one’s personality is an important determinant of the satisfaction level the person gets from the job. From example, an introverted
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Job satisfaction is important for the current study as how satisfied an employee is in their job and professional roles, plays a role in determining how they balance between their personal and professional roles.
Gender differences in Job Satisfaction
Current studies show that there are gender differences in job satisfaction. It has been studied that though women’s role at work are lesser in position and pay, they have lesser complains of dissatisfaction at work. It has been studied that job satisfaction depends on the job characteristics, family responsibility and personal expectation.
There are many areas of Job Satisfaction studied in the current research
1. Ability utilisation: Ability utilisation is the perception of the participants as to how well they are able to apply their ability and skills in their
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Achievement: Achievement refers to the satisfactory performance, feedback and results attained by the participant and how it influences and contributes to the job satisfaction of the participants.
3. Advancement: Advancement refers to the perception that the participant has be being promoted and how they take the chance to attain any kind of growth and development within the

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