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Deciding which career to select in college can be a tough decision. I was confused in the beginning as well, however, guidance from my accounting teacher assisted in my college planning. Along with that, I received an opportunity to attend a job shadowing event, at Trumark Financial Credit Union headquarters. This event gave me the experience to understand how accountants play a role in real life and how their responsibilities affect financing decisions of a business. I believed accounting would be dreary as a career, yet my thoughts on this career changed when returned from Trumark.
At Trumark I observed the accountants and their work environment. Trumark’s building was quite calm and peaceful. Their duties and tasks were interrelated with each other and thus communication played a significant role to complete the assignment successfully. Further, networking with the staff accountant and the owner of Trumark Credit Union Local Bank, intensified me with the job opportunities in career field, internship programs, scholarships and college planning. Before attending the job shadowing event, I was not quite sure to decide my major as accounting. Although after the event, fondness in this major started developing in me.
At the job shadowing
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This experience allowed me to achieve skills on my career and to gain the practical knowledge used in real life situations. The tasks seemed to be challenging and difficult. Nevertheless, with hard work and admiration, everything can be possible. The accountants at Trumark and their work environment encouraged me to become an accountant seeing my abilities and knowledge in the field. Moreover, it gave me an ideal way to determine if accounting was the right career for me or not. The day spent at Trumark was meaningful and beneficial as it provided me the opportunity to find my career and to earn an
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