Benefits Of 3m Coding And Reimbursement System

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I did my job shadowing at Baptist Health in Richmond, KY. I worked with the Charge Capture Supervisor Angie Wallace. The system guides the coder through the coding process, covering the full range of situations from complex oncology treatments to repetitive or typical patient encounters. At any time, the coder can view the comprehensive selection of online references to clarify the situation and make appropriate decisions. Today’s shortage of qualified coders requires organizations to identify ways to maintain coding accuracy and consistency. 3M gives coders the support and confidence they need to follow correct coding rules and guidelines. In addition, screen-specific help and secondary how-to windows answer questions about navigation and…show more content…
It also includes estimated payment for APCs, fee schedules and beneficiary co-payments, and provides APC grouping and reimbursement capabilities for Medicare. The 3m coding and reimbursement system is very helpful in ensuring the accuracy of patient information. The system performs checks as well as edits which are very helpful in coding. In case a patient’s gender is male, the system will not let the coding of hysterectomy to be coded. Regarding the process of choosing a product as well as a grouper, there is a drop-down list containing all the products available which a person can choose…show more content…
With the support and backing of such tools that the hospital employs, I’m not as nervous about making mistakes and costing the company money or losing my job. Billing and Coding is a very important job for the health care organization and they go the extra lengths to help the coders achieve accuracy and compliance at the time of coding. Not only does it help the health care organization but it helps the patients get their correct benefits from their insurance company. It was a great experience and I can’t wait until I can get out there and apply what I have

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