Genetic Algorithm For Job Shop Case Study

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A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm For Job Shop Scheuduling Prof. Sarvade Kishori D.1 Assistant Professor Kalshetty Y.R.2 Computer Science and Engineering, SVERI’s Computer Science and Engineering,SVERI’S College Of Engineering Pandharpur College Of Engineering Pandharpur Pandharpur ,India Pandharpur,India -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abstract – Job Shop Problem is a crtical one , to solve such problems genetic operators can be used. Population size must be increased so selection and fitness value needed. In genetic first select chromosome then apply crossover and mutation technique to form next generation.To find the critical path, a new algorithm to find the critical path from schedule was presented. Furthermore, a local search operator was designed, which can improve the local search ability of GA greatly. Based on all these,…show more content…
Small problems can be optimally solved by branch and bound method. If the scale is larger, exact methods are unlikely to find optimum in acceptable computational time. In practical manufacturing system , the scale of scheduling problems is usually large so that such methods used. Job-shop scheduling can also be viewed as defining the ordering between all operations that must be processed on the same machine, i.e. to fix precedences between these operations. In the disjunctive graph model, this is done by turning all undirected (disjunctive) arcs into directed ones.Using Disjunctive graph we can show the processing of machine and flow of

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