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Chapter # 1
Job Stress, Job Motivation and Psychological Well-Bing in Government Doctors
The present research was primary goal to assess the job stress and job motivation and psychological well-being in PG Trainee Doctors in Government Hospital. The main purpose of this study job stress can effect job motivation and psychological well-being in doctors. Stress is universal component of life that can effect on every person life work. The target population was government allied and civil hospital doctors. Take 100 doctors from different department such as Gynecologist, Surgical, Pads, Medical that four department was target population. For data collection uses three Questionnaires such as Job Stress, Job Motivation and Psychological Well-Being.
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Individual set a goal according to provided environment when that goal cannot fulfill then crate stress in individual. Job stress means individual have stress related his/her working environment. Work related stress crate to much disturbance and stress in individual life. Two type of stress was use good stress/ eustress and bad stress/distress. Eustress means when individual’s all needs and goals fill the individual was satisfied that is called good stress. Distress is totally opposite the eustress because in this type of stress when individual’s need cannot fulfill then person think negative way. Above the 44% women and 36% man leave their job because work stress. Actually job stress creates more health disturbance like tension, depression that can effect on individual work life and home…show more content…
In this theory study how the physical, mental health and surrounding environment effect with stress. A basic point of this theory was that some goals, needs and abilities are not fit according to employs work related demands when these needs cannot fit on individual goals then individual show some symptoms of illness and stress. In this theory focus on four points such as social support, coping, strain, workplace stress. First point is strain means psycho stream behavior that is not health behavior Second point is coping that means when individual protect and fight against stressful events Third point is social support that means when socially and emotional support the individual and fight against stress and unhealthy behavior Fourth point is workplace stress means in which individual face the workload, complexes, unrealistic demands that effect on individual’s life and work.
A General Perspective on Stress
In this theory model work on work related stress. In this theory focus on two main factors the First one was person surrounding interaction means when individual experience the past stressful life event that create disturbance with interaction in surrounding background environment the Second one organize the stress such as physiological factor depends on in stressful event person how coping with stressful threatening. In this model described how person coping with situation and avoid the stressful experiences.
Psychological Well-Being

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