Job: The Story Of Daniel In The Lions Den

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Job - The 18th book of the bible which follows the life of Gods servant Job. During the time that Job lived the world was full of wicked of men all but Job. Job is the biblical example that even in a world of darkness there will always be some form of light.

Joshua - The life long servant of Moses and leader of the nation of Israel during the time of transition from the wilderness to the promise land. Joshua is the biblical example of what a true leader must be during a time of transition.

Deborah - One of the few and only female Judges of the nation of Israel. Deborah is one of the greatest leaders in all of the old testament . Deborah is one of the earliest examples of a leader during a time of war.

Rehoboam - Rehoboam is one of the many
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A great story to understand this component is the story of Daniel in the Lions den. Here the narrator places the reader in the shoes of Daniel who at the time was sentenced to death. Though he was sentenced to death by being put in a Lions Den the lines do not harm him in anyway. To truly understand the power of this one must be able to see the viewpoint of Daniel in this moment. Stories like this one show why understanding the viewpoint is so finally important. This is because if the reader does not understand viewpoint of the story begin told, they will never truly understand the situation the character is in.

A great biblical story to understand the importance of tone and narration is the story the last supper. The last supper tales of the last true miracle of Jesus Christ before he 's crucified. It also shows the way that believers of Christ are to operate in remembrance of his sacrifice each time they gather. Due to the importance of this meal, it is a necessity that the reader understands the tone of the narrator. Stories like this one show that Tone must not be forgotten when looking at the narrative aspect in the Bible. In the case that tone may be forgotten, the importance of the story could be lost
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