Job's Daughters Research Paper

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When I moved to the small town of Luther, Oklahoma I didn 't talk much. I was shy and had trouble making friends. I couldn 't care less about my schoolwork, even though my teachers thought I was very bright. I wasn 't interested in sports. At my old school I was active in Girl Scouts, but I lost interest in that a year or two after moving. The troop in Luther wasn 't as active as I hoped. Then, when I was thirteen my mom introduced me and my younger sister to Job 's Daughters. Job 's Daughters is sponsored by the Free Masons and includes girls 10-20 years old who believe in God. At first, I was skeptical about whether I would fit in with this group, but I soon grew to love this organization for it 's beauty. This Masonic-sponsored, youth…show more content…
Our Bethel (chapter) has presented several HIKE checks to kids in need. I have personally set up and planned fundraisers for this cause. Once, I asked all my friends and family to save up their aluminum cans for a few months to be recycled. We collected over 200 dollars, though I never wanted to look at another aluminum can again. The mother that received the next check was almost in tears. She explained that she was on her way to the bank to get a loan for her son 's communication device when she got a call from the HIKE foundation. It was extremely rewarding to be able to help someone in that way. Besides my love of community service, I have gained so much confidence in myself from my friends that I have met through Job 's Daughters. Ther are many opportunities to compete in public speaking, talent and pageant competitions. The first big competition I entered was the Junior Miss Oklahoma pageant when I was fifteen. My Bethel chose me to represent them in this statewide competition. They trained me on how to walk and how to make friends with other girls. I was so nervous the whole weekend of the competition. I doubted myself a lot. The night of the pageant I wore my best dress and smiled the biggest smile. When they announced the winner it was like the whole world stopped. It wasn 't me. I was devastated that I had let my Bethel sisters down, but they weren 't mad at me. They continued to give me the confidence that I couldn
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