Jocks Stereotypes

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Jocks Maintaining school grades, staying injury free, and competing for the number one spot for a sport can all be hard for just a high school student. Being a jock is a very tough, and yet society would much rather see them as the handsome, muscular, and the less smart person in school. Stereotypes are what people believe, misconceptions are the stereotypes people exaggerate, then they tend to believe them as true. Stereotypes are usually determined by society, misconceptions are made by people who believe in the ones spreading the stereotype. Jocks are one the most stereotyped topics across the world, but are mostly viewed in movies. Being a jock is not just the cool, athletic kid, stereotypes make it seem like they are bullies and such. A jock is just another high school student. The jocks are an extremely misconstrued topic, they are viewed very low around their school such as, rude or arrogant, short tempered, and self-centered.…show more content…
Without the jocks, there would not be anybody to play sports for the school. Jocks are half the entertainment for a school only because the students can go watch them play, the staff who work for the school can also go and watch. Jocks love the sport they play, no matter the sport, as long as a male plays a sport in high school he is considered a jock. Playing sports in high school is very important for athletes, it can be the way into their dream college. They can maybe even get a full scholarship to the college they have dreamt about. Sports players also build relationships with teammates, coaches, and staff members. It can also, in a way, teach the athlete the way of life. It can teach the jock how hard they must try for things that they want in life. They must show up to practice and try their hardest to win the championship because hard work pays
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