Joe Christmas Quotes And Analysis

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In the final chapters we learn more about Joe Christmas’ past, how his mother was to have her child alone and died in the process of childbirth. From the beginning Joe Christmas has had to face hardships because after the death of his mother his grandfather did not even want him. His black heritage condemned him and that would only lead him to have even more hardships as time went on. However a scene that Faulkner really focuses on is the birth scene of Joe Christmas as well as the birth of Lena’s child; the scenes are parallel to each other in many ways. The birth of Joe Christmas was a very difficult one because of the fact that Milly had to give birth on her own because those that were with her did not care for her or for her child. Except for Mrs. Hines, who would be the only…show more content…
Lena like Milly was alone in the world, both of their husbands were out of the picture and would have to give birth to their child alone. Again Mrs. Hines would play a role in the birth of the child. As she helped birthed Lena’s child Mrs. Hines began to have flashbacks and imagined helping Milly give birth. Once the baby is born Mrs. Hines believes that it is her grandchild and goes into a state of denial and wants to take the child with her. Faulkner states “She did not even see, to be aware that the door has opened, that the was anyone or anything in the room save herself and whatever it was the she had spoken to with that wailing cry in a tongue unknown to man.” (Faulkner, 399). Indicating the remorse she felt for haven given her grandchild away. The births of the two boys are very similar and perhaps foreshadows that this child in a way has come to save Joe Christmas. The child has made both Mrs. Hines and Mr. Hines reflect upon their past actions and how they ruined the life of a man. If circumstances had been different perhaps Joe Christmas would be running a different fate than he is
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