Joe Smith's Argument For Banning Cell Phones In School

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In “Ban Cell Phones in Schools”, Joe Smith argues that students should not bring cellphones to schools, because students will be distracted and addiction both it in class and out of class, and it will cause students’ academic failure and parents’’ complains about teachers. Also, parents can contact with staff in school if there are emergencies. However, Smith’s argument is wrong, because school have attractive activities to participate, teachers and students can control the time playing with phones, and school staff cannot accompany with students anytime.
First of all, school work is not as boring as what Smith said, there are many interesting and appealing activities both in class and out of class. Students will acquire knowledge and have fun in school without playing cellphone. For example, many teachers have added interesting contents in their lectures to catch students’ attention, and also give students opportunities to discuss in class to fully participate in. Moreover, teachers give students homework not only simply do the exercise on textbooks, but also have assignments need students to perform or debate which are really entertaining. So school work can attract students’ interests and prevent them from playing with phones in class.
In addition, addiction of cellphones can be controlled by
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There are many interesting work in school which will attract students from playing cell phone to studying. Furthermore, with the right guide by teachers and parents, students will control when and how long they play with phones, not be controlled by phones. Finally, when emergencies happen, it is always needed to respond and take action at the first time, so bring phones with students is the better solution rather than simply rely on school staff. Hence, students should be allow to bring phones to
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