Joel Stein's Rhetorical Analysis Of 'The Me Me Me Generation'

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Rhetorical analysis is crucial in comprehending another author's work and also in improving one's own writing. In this paper my project is to undertake a rhetorical analysis of Time Magazine journalist Joel Stein's opinion on the problems posed but also the advantages millennials in society in his article “The Me Me Me Generation.” I will address Stein's purpose, argument, and the way he presents it to further his claim. By dissecting the structure and arrangement of his argument we will view the means to persuasion in his article. I will also analyze the author's style and use of rhetorical analogies and assumptions. Anyone interested in understanding any article or in writing a rhetorical analysis would be interested in reading this paper. Developing the skill of rhetorical analysis is necessary to anyone who wishes to grow as an intellectual. Journalist for Time Magazine Joel Stein in his magazine article "The Me Me Me generation" claims that although Millennials are narcissistic entitled and lazy they could…show more content…
Stein uses logos and allusions to illustrate his opinion on millennials. One of his main logos appeals is how Stein makes his claims about the negative qualities of millennials using evidence and research he had previously gathered. Using his evidence as a logos appeal shows that he is not biased towards millennials, but rather pointing out qualities that have been observed. Stein also uses allusions to pop culture and media figures to further illustrate the negative aspects of millennials, but also the praise they have received. By the mentioning figures such as Kim Kardashian and Tom Brokaw, the image of millennials is further improved upon by their statements. With this in mind, the rhetorical strategies used further improve his
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