Joe's Honor Roll: A Short Story

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Once upon a time, there lived a boy called Joe. He was sustaining his freshman year in high school at Monmouth Academy (MA). He despised experiencing the daily agenda that his school offered. He thought of his ordeals at school as torture, so he barely passed his assessments. However, Joe’s companions, Steve and Bob, enjoyed attending school and their grade scores easily surpassed the grades of Joe. But there was one attribute of school that Joe had fondness for, sports. He was a star-athlete, his abilities were at it’s current level because he valued three words, “practice makes perfect.” Joe’s attitude toward school continued until the end of the semester, when his progress report arrived in the mailbox of Joe’s parents. Dark clouds started to roll over…show more content…
Joe’s parents encouraged him to attend the ceremony, so he decided that he would join his classmates at the ceremony. Mr. Amero, the principal, was announcing names for the honor roll, but Joe’s name was not announced. Joe began to get a feeling of disappointment. Out of nowhere, Joe got a burst of delight when Mr. Amero announced that there were students who qualified for the high honor roll. He possessed hope that his name would be called and it was. He received his award with great honor and remembered back to that day his parents talked to him about grades.
Joe thought to himself, “I didn’t realize how important my grades are. Grades are everything, my life is going to continue to be horrible if I don’t improve my grades.”
Throughout the rest of his high school career, Joe continued to thrive and he was very successful. Joe made a huge change of view towards school and it was what set him up for success. He received a massive amount of 4.0s and he was soon accepted into college and got to play college baseball. Joe moved on in his life and followed his dream of getting into pro

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