Joe's Inner Monologue

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A muddled rain is cascading upon Chicago, the weather seemingly reflecting Ryan Jonesing’s inner monologue. He doesn’t want to be back here, he doesn’t feel at home. He doesn 't really feel at home anywhere anymore. He feels trapped between the two cities, Vegas and Chicago. Neither has much to offer Ryan. Tattered relationships, furious disputes, and lots of tears, all things lingering within the two cities. Ryan 's resided in Chicago for some time now, forcing smiles and feigning laughter. He 's can 't place a finger on what keeping him there, he thinks it might be easier to just fade away into the atmosphere, hang between the cities as a rain cloud. Beckett Wesley is wearing a lopsided grin when he answers the door later that afternoon. "Hey Ry!" He exclaims in his bright manner. The sun…show more content…
“Are you going to take it?” “I’m not sure.” “You’re never sure!” Beckett’s bitter response resonates intensely with Ryan. “What’s that suppose to mean?” Ryan retorts indignantly, crossing his arm defiantly and narrowing his golden orbed eyes. Beckett returns a loathing scowl, his face reading his response, a response Ryan already knows. “You never think about anyone but yourself, ‘how does it benefit you?’, ‘how will it affect you?’ You never think about the people you leave behind in each city! Every time you hop on a plane, on some pathetic whim and desperation to fit in, you hurt everyone around you!” Beckett’s tone elevates to a yelling jeer, his jaw clenched white. “Pathetic whim?” “Yes, Ryan! Every decision you make seems to shape up to pathetic whim, if you can even make the decision. That’s a rarity with you.” Beckett’s words are cruel, cruel because they’re honest. Years of pent up aggression and angst unleashed in a sudden confrontation. Ryan eyes burn, and he finds himself lacking a response to the brutal truth he’s known all along. “You make me miserable Ryan. If you’re going to leave, leave now. I’d be better off without someone so shortsighted and
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