Joe's Role In The Civil Rights Case

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While Joe, an Asia-American is part of a protected class because of his race and national origin, I do not think it plays a role in this case when you look at it on the surface. However, Manny has a dislike for Joe, and it may pertain to his race and national origin, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 may come into play. It certainly is a possibility seeing that Joe was never trained to operate a forklift or hand truck and that would have greatly impacted his job, seeing that he carries boxes down a tall ladder and physically carries them to shipping areas. Why didn’t many train him so his job would be easier and the company would probably run better and safer? Did Manny not train him because of his bias? An investigation should start there. Interviewing other managers and coworkers of Joe would be the first place I would start in order to see if Joe’s rights were violated.…show more content…
OSHA obligations include other factors besides keeping your work site safe. A company must also meet certain reporting requirements, posting requirements, and recordkeeping requirements, and you must submit to OSHA inspections. For example, you must report fatal accidents to OSHA within eight hours of their occurrence. You must post an OSHA poster informing workers of their rights and obligations under the law. You must also keep records of your efforts to comply with the law and to prevent injuries and illnesses (OSHA). Joe’s accident must be reported to OSHA within eight hours. OSHA will also be looking for any type of documentation regarding safety measures and that particular area where Joe’s death occurred. They will also look into the fact that Joe was climbing up a tall ladder and carrying products to a shipping area, while there was equipment available to make the job less
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