Joey Black Case Study Nursing

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Joey Black, is a 5th grade student with spastic cerebral palsy. Joey uses a walker and the elevator due to a left side hemiplegia and stiff and jerky movements. The school nurse, by assessing the neighborhood and its community, is able to identify resources that will benefit Joey. Since Joey is new to the school, he might not be familiar with the types of services offered by his community. According to Selekman (2013, p.187), assessment of the community can bring assistance to the school in cases of chronic health problems, and it can help identifying a specific initiative, program, services, or activities that might benefit the students. Educating Joey and his family about the community 's resources and associations, it will increase his wellbeing., To promote the best environment, safety, health outcome, and education, the school nurse will need parental consent to involve other school team members and Joey 's doctor in his care plan. Collaborating with Joey 's parents to in order to maintain his health and educational goals is essential. Also, because of Joey 's walking limitation, a wide emergency plan will have to take place for an emergent situation, such as a fire or intruder in the school building.…show more content…
Joey, must be an integral part of the plans generated by the school nurse and their collaborators. Moreover, since he has difficulties speaking, a slurred speech, and does not have any learning disabilities, his care plans should respond to his different levels of need. the school nurse 's assessment and knowledge of Joey 's family structure and needs, will help improve his health outcome in the school setting, Also, the school nurse should be diligent and educate Joey and his family about cerebral palsy support groups that might help them cope with his chronic condition. "Family perceptions and handling of its problems through use of various resources and coping strategies are crucial to the family 's success"
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