Peace Cosmology Analysis

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Touching base on Peace cosmology refers “share morality” in sphere of socio political aspect where the Liberal peace theory seems a piece of cake that inclined more democratic state prescribed by the prominent philosopher “Immanuel Kant (perpetual peace, 153:554)where advised the three principals as freedom for all members of a society ,dependency of everyone upon a single legislation and legal equality and in his literature he also draw attention in metaphysics and moral in civil constitutions through law fullness .Codifying another judgment on democracy through a question are democracy belligerent or peaceful? By “Johan Galtung” and given his analysis in his book (peace by peaceful means 50:56 ) where the research output given the nine theorem to building a theory relating democracy and belligerent that refers on positive activity of individualistic and competitive culture the more likely the country enjoy the democracy where the more human rights are implemented and shared decision making concept positively prescribed and proved.
1.See the Book of Johan Galtung ,Peace by peace full means “part four- chapter,” Exploration”(Pathological cosmology) Where he defines-the Cosmology is
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But these two different upheavals’ Gulshsan tragedy and Savar tragedy has changed the global language to doing business In Bangladesh, created new norms for monitoring enforcing and controlling through institutional
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