Johann Pachelbel Research Paper

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Johann Pachelbel was a very important composer of the Baroque time period, especially middle Baroque. Pachelbel 's exact birthday is unfortunately not documented, but, the day he was baptised was. He was baptised the first of September of 1653. Pachelbel later died at 52 on March 3 of 1706. Pachelbel was born in Nuremberg, Germany to his father, Johann Pachelbel and his father 's second wife, Anna Maria Mair. This family was middle­class. Pachelbel started to be trained in music at a fairly young age. His first trainor was the cantor of St. Sebaldus Church, known as Heinrich Schwemmer. He later received training from the organist of the same church, his name was Georg Caspar Wecker. An interesting fact about Pachelbel is that he enrolled in…show more content…
Once done with training with Prentz, Pachelbel basically fell off the map and went undocumented until he moved to Vienna in 1673. In Vienna, Pachelbel obtained a job as an organist for the Saint Stephen Cathedral, he also continued to study Italian catholic music. In 1677, Pachelbel moved to Eisenach, and made a friend named Johann Ambrosius and educated his children on the art of music. Pachelbel didn 't stay there long, the next year he got a job in Erfurt and as the organist of 'Predigerkirche '. Pachelbel 's friendship with Ambrosius continued and Pachelbel was later named godfather of Ambrosius 's daughter. During this time, Pachelel made the piece "Chorale Prelude" which earned him a leading role among German organists. In 1686, Pachelbel received a job as an organist at St. Trinitatis church in ‘Sondershausen’. In 1690, he earned the same job at Württemberg court at Stuttgart. After fleeing due to the attacks from the War of the Grand Alliance, Pachelbel got a job at Gotha in 1692 as town organist. In 1693, Pachelbel published, ‘Acht Chorale zum Praeambulieren’, his only liturgical music collection. Pachelbel not only was a great musician/composer, he was a family man too. Sadly, his first wife, Barbara Gabler, and their son died in the plague. Years later, Pachelbel wed his second wife, Judith Drommer, who he had two daughters and five
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