Bach Well-Tempered Clavier Analysis

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The greatest composer of all time Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21st, 1685 in Germany. Bach was the eighth and last child born to Johann Ambrosius and Maria Elisabeth Bach. For many years, members of the Bach family throughout Germany had held positions such as organists, instrumentalists, or Cantors, and the family name gained a wide reputation for musical talent. Although most of his family members were composers as well, he was the most important member as he was a genius at balancing and combining exceptional performing musicianship with extreme creativity, technical mastery and intellectual control (Wolff, 2012). Most of Bach’s works were reflected by the many positions he have experienced. For…show more content…
S Bach. Each set consists of twenty four preludes and fugues in all of the major and minor keys in ascending order. They were published in two separate books, Book 1, which was composed in 1722, and Book 2, composed in 1744. Monumental cycle of the Prelude and Fugue considered as one of the highest achievement of the musical art written in the Baroque era. Well-tempered Clavier is a collection of educational compositions with extraordinary high artistic contents. The goal of composer was to familiarize and introduce performers with all 24 major and minor…show more content…
The pieces were intended as pedagogical exercises to give keyboard players experience in working with the chords, scales, and arpeggios in each key as well as illustration of polyphony. Every book has a series of 24 Preludes and Fugues organized chromatically ascendant these preludes and fugues were completed by Bach in order to prove the tempered tune and also he wrote them with instructive purposes to develop the fingers independence for the students as well as the development of the harmonic and melodic sense. On the original title page the inscription: "For the needs and use of Musical youth, as well as those already experienced in this study for the passing of

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