Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe's The Sorrows Of Young Werther

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Analysis of Werther’s Characteristics The sorrows of young werther is a German writer johann Wolfgang Goethe is one of the most famous masterpiece. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a German modern outstanding poets, writers and thinkers. The sorrows of young werther this epistolary novel written in first person, not only conveys the feudal system in Europe from the ancient to the capitalist system of excessive transformation period, the middle-aged and young generation to pursue "personality liberation", "emotional freedom", "return to nature of social status", "establishing equal relationship" between people's strong desire, also illustrates the author's own distinct position. Wether’s Characteristics in the book are preferable by people and become…show more content…
There are so many talks and thought which come from him are pessimistic. When he falls in love with Charlotte, he think he is incorrigible. And he gives an example about it. When he argues with Albert, he says :” The question, therefore, is, not whether a man is strong or weak, but whether he is able to endure the measure of his sufferings. The suffering may be moral or physical; and in my opinion it is just as absurd to call a man a coward who destroys himself, as to call a man a coward who dies of a malignant fever."( Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1774) The meaning is moral pain is same as physical pain, and when someone suffers a lot of moral pain, he can not live too. Except love, Werther is pessimistic when he faces other problems. He signs: “That the life of man is but a dream, many a man has surmised heretofore; and I, too, am everywhere pursued by this feeling. When I consider the narrow limits within which our active and inquiring faculties are confined; when I see how all our energies are wasted in providing for mere necessities, which again have no further end than to prolong a wretched existence.”( Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1774) When he does not meet Charlotte, he always writes pessimistic things in the letter. He can not find the real meaning of life, especially when he finds that there are many limit in life , he feels upset and pessimistic. He can not accept present world and he says: ” I examine my own being, and find there a world, but a world rather of imagination and dim desires, than of distinctness and living power. Then everything swims before my senses, and I smile and dream while pursuing my way through the world. ”( Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1774) When he tries to get away from his love to Charlotte, selfish and hypocrisy people make him feel more
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