Johannes Gutenberg's Impact On The Renaissance

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Johannes Gutenberg was born in the German city of Mainz in the year 1398. His father was Friele zum Gensfleisch and his mom was Elsgen Wyrich. Johannes is said to have adopted the last name “Gutenberg”, which was his birthplace. When he was young, he learned to read and write, but the books he read were different from what we have now. The books he read while he was young were handwritten and very expensive. Also, handwritten books took a long time to make. Johannes introduced Europe to printing.

A new way to print and make books came about when Johannes Gutenberg was growing up. That new way was called block-printing. Block printing required you to cut from a block of wood to the size of the page in the book. Next, you had to cut out every
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He caused a huge spread of knowledge all across the Middle-East. Before the printing press was invented, there was lack of knowledge and books, which meant that big power holders and organizations could control the motion of information. Also, the people who could read and afford books held high positions and so they could easily manipulate people. Once the printing press was created, it caused a lot of people to publish books and books started to become more common, which was basically Gutenberg's whole point of creating this machine. The spread of technology and information caused people to have ideas and start experimenting. The printing press lead to a scientific change, because now people could record what worked and what didn't and test new ideas. In my opinion, the Renaissance could never have occurred without being able to spread ideas throughout cities and countries. Without knowledge, you can't get far, so the printing press has to be on of the most important inventions. Also, the printing press made it easy for people to record activities and ideas. So without this invention, we might not have known everything about that time
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