Johannes Gutenberg's Invention Of The 13th Century

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Known as the most important invention of the second millennium the marvelous printing press was among one of Johannes Gutenberg 's many achievements and recognitions that had introduced Europe to the mass communication era. His spectacular invention had eliminated borders and captured the attention of many, commencing the period recognized as the Renaissance. Across Europe, there had been an dramatic increase of communication and cultural self-awareness over the continent. The exact origin of Gutenberg 's first press is apparently unknown, but tradition credits him with inventing a press known as the 'movable type '. A massive improvement of what was commonly known as 'block printing ' used during the early 14th century. Though Gutenberg had not invented the first printer he made the idea of printing more efficient and reliable. An iron printing press was first invented in 1234 by Chae Yun-eu…show more content…
By 1450, Gutenberg had set up a workshop in Hof Hambrecht, where the press commenced operation. And it was claimed that the first item to be printed was a German poem. Also during this bright beginning Gutenberg was able to convince a wealthy moneylender known as Johann Fust for a loan of approximately 800 guilders. It is not clear Johannes Gutenberg proposed using the money for, but it is conceived that the money was somewhat used to initiate the bible project. Which was commenced in 1452. At the same time, the press was also printing other, more lucrative texts thought to be some kind of Latin grammar. There is also some speculation that there may have been two presses, one for the pedestrian texts, and one for the Bible. As the production rate accelerated, the mass production of books increased, making them easier to obtain. Around Europe, more and more families started encouraged their children to read, and knowledge was able to flourish from one and another. The Gutenberg Press had become a new fashion, a new flavor, an adored master piece, and this was only the

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