Johannes Kepler Research Paper

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Johannes Kepler, being of German background, is a well known astronomer who is credited with discovering his innovative laws of planetary motion, which are used in many branches of science today. He started small, and grew his ideas with time. Now, we can thank Johannes Kepler for the many astounding discoveries made towards the solar system, as well as its pattern, paths, and order. In speaking of Kepler’s lifestyle, he had a rough childhood. After losing his father in war, he also was panged with a weak immune system and had many health problems. Although he was physically damaged by smallpox, which permanently damaged his eyesight, he was brilliant and strong in all intellectual aspects. He was raised in a Latin school, but then eventually…show more content…
This law of planetary motion describes how the planets move. The law states that not only is the solar system sun-centered (proving a heliocentric theory earlier proposed by other astronomers and scientists), but also states that all planets involved in this system move in an elliptical pattern, and not in a perfect circle. This was a huge topic for a while. Not many people took the chance to argue with the theory, most likely because the law was inspired using some of Brahe’s accurate studies of how the planets orbit the sun. According to traditional Greek belief, the circle is seen as a symbol of divine perfection. Circular orbits were the mainstream belief of how the planets moved for a very long time before Kepler proposed his laws. It did take a great amount of time for people to accept and submit to Kepler’s fascinating and profound discovery of his second law of planetary motion, most of all, because the orbits (according to Brahe’s precise calculations) proved that although the planets did not move in perfect circles, they were painstakingly close to being perfect circular motions. Moreover, some theorists today call this law is called his “second” law of planetary motion, although it is actually the first one that he discovered, founded between 1600 and 1601 after Tycho passed away. This assumption could be due to how closely related the three laws are amongst each other. Kepler’s second law describes the
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