John 3: 17. Why Is The World So Condemning?

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For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.
John 3:17

Why is the world so condemning? As the sons’ of man we are bound to be condemned to the gates of Hell, but God’s mercy to send his only son so that we may have eternal life if we believe in him is amazing. We all have fallen short of eternal life and deserve to perish. If God loved the world so much that he would send his only son to save us why can’t we love one another and have mercy for each other, looking over all the bad things that we were all victims of. If the world as a whole were to come together and just a smidgen of the mercy that God has for all of the world lives would be changed. The merciful would bless others, and the merciful would too be blessed as it is written.
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John was raised in an impoverished ghetto neighborhood in New York City. His father was a Satanist and worked directly with the devil. There was a turning point in his life as a young boy: on a stage there were pastors that had talked about God and how he loves us; John was moved and felt a presence of love for once in his life. The pastors start praying and touching people; John is excited to feel the love of the lord, instead, the pastor passes him and moves on to the next person. John began to think that God didn’t love him and that He did not care for the problems he had in his life. John started to involve himself in the works of the devil and training to become a satanic cult
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