Macdonald's National Policy

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The National Policy was introduced by John A. Macdonald in 1876, he started the National Policy with the goal of creating a true country with a national economy. Although the idea of the National Policy was originally introduced in 1876, it was not put into effect until 1879. John A. MacDonald was the first Prime Minister of Canada, he ran from 1867- 1873, Alexander was then elected from 1873-1878 because he and his government were forced to resign in 1873 due to the Pacific Scandal. John A. Macdonald brought the idea of the National Policy forward prior to winning the general election for his second time in 1878, his proposal of the National Policy strongly influenced him being elected. Macdonald’s biggest reason for starting the National…show more content…
The Canadian Pacific Railway was built to help make this happen, but the North-West Rebellion broke out. This rebellion took place in today’s Saskatchewan and Alberta The North-West rebellion was mainly fought by the Metis peoples, directed at the Canadian government as they felt that Canada was not protecting their rights and their land to the extent they agreed through treaty. Big Bear was the head chief of the Metis people, he was striving for a United Cree Nation and to discuss the agreement on treaty six and see if they could adjust it. Big Bear felt that they were not given enough as it was their land originally and they should be able to take what they want. The Metis and Aboriginals were only given about 640 acre of land through treaty six. The land went from being the best hunting grounds, to having none from the fur traders hunting all of the buffalo. The government supplied the Metis peoples affected with nations like they agreed in the treaty, but this got to be expensive. The metis claimed that they were fed one day and starved the next. The Metis peoples were not pleased with the whites over taking their land and sources. They felt that carriers and traders for the Hudson’s bay company were disappearing due to the loss of buffalo and their furs for trading. This rebellion overall brought fear to the people, and affected Macdonald’s…show more content…
They recognize the name John A. Macdonald knowing he was the first Prime Minister of Canada and might have recollection of the things he had brought forward, but many are unaware of all that he brought forward was included within the National Policy. The National Policy helped to create Canada with the provinces involved, created the Canadian Pacific Railway, and united Canada in all due to MacDonald’s determination to bring all of Canada together. It can be said that Macdonald did well for Canada, he was looked up by many as he was the first prime minister of Canada and had a political career for almost fifty years. He brought forward the National Policy with the three distinct parts, trying to do everything he could to make Canada a bigger country so he could have more support within the confederation he had formed. Although Macdonald didn’t get all of the outcomes he hoped for through the National Policy, he still managed to help Canada form into a country and unite us as

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