John Adams: A True President

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Over a period of 240 years there has been 44 presidents and the U.S has had both good times and bad times and that all depended on who was running the country and what choices they made when it came to crisis and many other difficulties. John Adams was born on October 30, 1735 in Quincy Massachusetts. He studied at Harvard and received his Undergraduate and Master 's degrees. After receiving his degrees he became a faithful lawyer and was chosen to help draft the Declaration of Independence in the year of 1774 while also serving on the first Continental Congress. In the year 1797 he was elected as President and served until the year 1801 and is one of the United States Founding Fathers. John Adams was an amazing president because he showed perseverance at all times during his candidacy, and always put on a brave face no matter what the circumstances were, and did what was right no matter what! John Adams pressed on …show more content…

One final thing that made John Adams the best president to serve in the United States was the fact that he was a great communicator. He knew that to be a good leader one had to know how to communicate properly in many different forms. He worked hard and strove for a good reputation and fought for what was the right thing to do for his country! He set out to become a known as more than just a lawyer and worked at it for many years. He knew that there were things wrong with the country and he set out to fix those all the while protecting his country! As previously stated, he didn 't allow what others thought get him down. In fact he fought for what was right and did it with integrity. In what is now known as the Boston Massacre, he represented the British Soldiers that were on trial for killing 5 civilians. He knew that facts of the case and wanted to get that right before he let the opinions of the people get in the way as stated in article published in John Adams had integrity and fought for what was right and a great communicator

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