John Adams Biography Essay

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John Adams born in Quincy, Massachusetts on October 30th, 1735. Adams was smart all his life. A the age of 16, because of his intelligence he was offered a scholarship to Harvard University. When he then graduated in 1755, and study at Harvard University. At the age of 20, John Adams was studying in law to become a lawyer. But Adam 's father had different plans for him. His father wanted him to be in the ministry. But John Adams kept going to school for law by passing his fathers dreams. Doing that he earned his masters degree from Harvard University and got admitted to the bar. John Adams adored nature. He loved to be outside with animals and fishes he 'd would frequently skip just to hunt or just to be outside. Adams first plan wasn 't to be a lawyer he wanted to be a farmer. But his dad told him that he had to go to college and get a formal education. Adam 's father, John Adams Senior was a farmer, a Congregationalist deacon, and the towns councilman. Adam 's mother, Susanna Boylston was a descendant of the Boylston 's of Brookline. Adam wanted follow his father his footsteps in farming when he was a kid but had little interest in Ministering.…show more content…
John Adams became known because of his opposition to the stamp act in 1765. His opinion stated "American colonists of the basic right to be taxed by consent and to be tried by jury of peers". Couple months later presented a public speech in Massachusetts stating the invalid act. In 1770, Adams agreed to represent the soldiers in Boston massacre. He believed that every person deserved defense. Defending that the first solider only started shooting upon the crowd because it 's a normal response for anyone who 's facing a life or death situation. The jury acquitted six soldiers while two other soldiers was charged with Manslaughter. Many reacted to Adams defense for the soldiers hostile and his law practice suffered greatly. But later his actions built him a reputation by others who taught he was courageous, generous,
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