John Adams Quote Analysis

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I must study politics and war that my son may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.” Quote by John Adams. John Adams was just not fighting to break the bound with England to become independent. He was doing it for his family, for his son for his grandson. He was doing it for his home. Not only John Adams would have to go up against the world best army. He would have a chance to show Leadership and courage. He would also help the U.S. change its history.

John Adams had shown that he has had courage even they he was a young boy. By the age of 16 John had gotten into Harvard college. He was meant to ride to Harvard with his teacher. But his teacher had gotten sick and could not travel. John Adams was scared to travel 5.2 miles by himself which means Mr. Adams would have to go by himself.
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John Adams had a meeting with congress to talk about the army. How may the make them so the became more powerful. Later on in the year John said the George Washington should be the leader of the army. ( History June 10,1775) John Adams show how he can step up and became leader in a time when their is no leader. John would have gone on to pick one of the best leaders he could pick for the US army.

After the war John went to Europe for ten years and then came back to the US. When he came back from Europe he was put in the first running of the presidential election. He had lost but he had become the Vice President for two terms in a row. ( Bio of John Adams life) John then became the second president of the US.

So in the end John Adams had many different character traits. He had many different roles to play on his life. He was representative for man different thing in his life. He was smart, he was rich. Most of all he was just like the rest of us. (BadgerLink) John Adams help the US out in so many ways. It would be hard to think of life without him in it to help change the US
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