John Adams Short Biography

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John Adams Jr. Was one of three sons to the late John Adams Sr. and Abigail Boylston Adams. He was born in Braintree Massachusetts (now known as Quincy Mass.) on October 30, 1735. He had two younger brothers, Peter and Elihu Adams. As a boy, he looked up to his father being a Reverend, Farmer, Congregationalist Deacon, and Town Councilman.( He aspired to fulfill his Fathers footsteps, and become a Deacon, but he always had a bit of different views from his Fathers’s Puritan beliefs. As the oldest son, Adams Jr. was sent to school to recieve a formal education. He went to a School for boys and girls, The Dame School. There is where he learned Latin, Mathematics, English/Literature, And Science. All of which are taught to kids around the world today. At the young age of 16, Adams was sent to Harvard Law School.(, Where he recieved a full tuition scholarship. He graduated at the age of 20, and began teaching as his profession, while…show more content…
In 1758, Adams met Abigail Smith Boylston and had six children, Abigail,”Nabby”, John Quincy, who would go on to become the US’s sixth president, Susanna, Charles, Thomas, And Elizabeth, who was unfortunately Stillborn. He loved his children a great deal, always making sure to make time for them. Adams quickly became identified with the patriot cause, initially as the result of his opposition to the Stamp Act of 1765. He wrote a response to the imposition of the act by British Parliament titled "Essay on the Canon and Feudal Law," which was published as a series of four articles in the Boston Gazette. ( He also was an extreme opressor of the Stamp Act, Criticizing that along with many other of the British’s Intolerable Acts, by using the Pen name “Humprey Ploughjogger” in the Boston Gazette. He gained publicity, becoming one of the main voices of the American
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