How Did John Adams Influence The Bill Of Rights

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John Adams John Adams had an extremely large impact on how the United States was first run. He put forth large contributions when the United States Constitution was written. In addition, he inspired new views in the government system. The primary strength of the United States Government can be credited to John Adams because of his strong drive, convincing writing skills, and his participation in the constitutional congress. John Adams spoke for his believes no matter what. For example, in the Boston Massacre, he stood up for the British soldiers. Even though, John Adams had a firm belief in the patriots cause. He is willing to take an unpopular stance and not be influenced by others opinions. This piece of his character was extremely apparent…show more content…
He spoke up and it ended up benefitting in the end. First, he helped inspire the Bill of Rights. The Constitutional Convention was considering not including the Bill of Rights at first. Then, John Adams fought back for why they should be included. In the end, John Adams got his way. Now the Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments of the constitution. On the Reading Revolutions website, it is stated that the Massachusetts Constitution inspired some of the American Constitution. This proves once again how John Adams writing influenced the course of how the country was run. After many hours of working towards compromise, the men of the Constitutional Congress finally agreed. The next act of order was to choose a leader. The History website claims that John Adams had a contribution of making George Washington become the first president of the United States. In addition, John Adams was voted into office as the first vice president. John Adams had a very big impact on America and his legacy still affects the United States today. He has moved many people through writing and speech. He helped keep peace in desperate measures. John Adams had a large political voice and led early America to
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