John Albee's Ecological Nature Analysis

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Though in this play, Albee didn’t shed much light on the description of the natural disaster caused by scientific or technological development, nor the consequences caused by the worsening relationship between human and nature. While combine with the play released date and the American society back then along with the details presented in the play, it is likely to draw the conclusion that Albee holds the negative opinion toward science and technology and hopes human obey the laws of nature. In “European and American Ecological Literature ”, Professor Wang Nuo once stated that seeking or exploring the root of the ecological crisis made ecological literature have a distinguished civilization criticism characteristic. (Wang Nuo, 2005:9) It is clearly that Albee has certain critical spirit in criticizing science and technology.
In American history, the 1960s was a special period. With rapid expansion of the economic aggregate and society becomes more complicated. There are many social ideological trends linked with environmental issues. Among them, there are two major movements. One is anti-war movement that condemns war and protests the destructions to human civilization and the environment caused by nuclear war and chemical weapons. The other is the New Left Movement that strongly attacks modern technology and industry for them not only destroying the natural environment but also destroy human’s body and soul.
In the play, the protagonist,George, 46, an associate professor in
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