George Albee's Reverence For Life

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Though in this play, Albee didn’t shed much light on the description of the natural disaster caused by scientific or technological development, nor the consequences caused by the worsening relationship between human and nature. While combine with the play released date and the American society back then along with the details presented in the play, it is likely to draw the conclusion that Albee holds the negative opinion toward science and technology and hopes human obey the laws of nature. In “European and American Ecological Literature ”, Professor Wang Nuo once stated that seeking or exploring the root of the ecological crisis made ecological literature have a distinguished civilization criticism characteristic. (Wang Nuo, 2005:9) It is…show more content…
As the slogan “Reverence For Life” put forward by Albert Schweitzer whose main concept lies in the observational development around us. And he calls for human should revere life not only human life all the life of nature. George’s opinion meets the concept of “Reverence for Life” that human should respect the diversity of all life. It is the ethics that cover the real depth and width toward life. According to the text, Albee is more in favor of George’s thought rather than Nick’s thought of putting science and technology supremacy. Though Albee is considered as a social critic, his criticism on natural ecology is also powerful and sharp as he uses George as spokesman to express his ecological view. In this play, his ecological holism is well presented in his attacking toward consequences caused by rapid scientific and technological development and the wholeness of human nature should be maintained since human is also a part of nature. Furthermore, the conflict between science and technology and humanity will result in multidimensional imbalance in natural, social and spiritual
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