John August Sutter Research Paper

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February 15th, 1803 John Augustus Sutter was born in Kandern, Baden. A few miles from the Switzerland border where he will spend his childhood. Since he was born in Germany, John was given the title of German-born Swiss pioneer. Sutter worked as an apprentice to a good handful of book writers and newspaper printers, until he figured that he had no passion for writing nor printing. Working a clerk position at a draper 's store, Sutter caught a glance of Annette D’beld. October 24, 1826 John and Annette spent the day celebrating their marriage. Sutter’s life would of have been perfect if not for the bankruptcy of his business. With no money, John Sutter divorced his wife and left his four children in Germany and headed towards California to seek fortune and land. After…show more content…
Fremont was born on January 21st, 1813 in Savannah, Georgia. John was an American born and who would be a big part of the Republican party later on in life. At six, Fremont’s father passed away due to unknown causes. Fremont’s mother moved her family to Charleston, South California so that she could get help raising her family of three. In 1829 Fremont entered the college of Charleston, however, got expelled due to many absences. In 1838 U.S. Secretary of war hired Fremont as a secondary lieutenant of a topographical engineering for the U.S. John C. Fremont lead five of the major expeditions into the American West. Fremont mapped in detail ways for future immigrants, his work also appealed to the Manifest Destiny. John was also one of the first Generals in the Civil war to try and free Southern slaves, this caused him to be seen as someone who disobeyed orders and needed to be reeled back in and focus on his job. Fremont resigned from his position in the war and joined the Republican group. There he became one of the first Republican candidates for the U.S. presidency. His 1845, however, sparked the Bear Flag Revolt which in turn lead to the Mexican War where he positioned himself to
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