John Barry Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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John Barry in his essay analyses how scientist research. He does this with juxtaposition and similes. Barry communicates with the reader how a scientist thinks to characterize science as an act of genius. To do this Barry sets up a mysterious tone to address his scientist and science lovers. Barry begins his essay with juxtaposition. “Certainty creates strength. Uncertainty creates weakness.” This contrast between the word certain and uncertain, leaves the reader to ponder what the author is about to talk about. He continue with “To be a scientist,...courage. It is the courage to accept --indeed to embrace -- uncertainty.” Barry breaks down that a scientist must be able to go into the unknown. Barry uses long pauses between the words “uncertainty” and “embrace” because he wants the reader to break down what a scientist has to do. Embrace the uncertainty because certainty is the key to courage. Also by saying this, Barry reflects on the first paragraph when he said uncertainty makes one tentative if not fearful and tentative steps even when in the right direction, may not overcome significant disaster.’ By reflecting on this statement, Barry goes on to elaborate the fact that being a scientist is hard work because even if you’re right, it could be …show more content…

He compares scientist work to the unknown. “All scientist exist on the frontier. The best among them move deep into a wilderness.” Barry explains that science is the the act of exploring the unknown, also he establishes synonyms (frontier and wilderness). Communicating that science occurs in the unknown, only those courageous enough may conquer. He goes on creating an allusion, simile, and metaphor to convey to the reader that science is genius because they have to look at something and imagine the impossible, to create the possible. “Through the looking glass … their probing acts like a crystal to precipitate an order out of chaos … can take them off a

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