John Bowlby's Four Attachment Types

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Attachment according to John Bowlby, “is defined as the formation of a psychological and emotional relationship between an infant and its primary caregiver . Its also a pattern of relational style that the child learns from the adults and caregivers whom play the largest role in the child’s life.” A caregiver is a person who gives help and protection to an individual. For example, mother to child or father and child. “That pattern is learned in early childhood and thought to repeat itself throughout and individual’s life, in both their social and romantic relationships.” Attachment could be broken down into four attachment types. Type 1; secure attachment. Type 2; Avoidant attachment. Type 3; Resistant/Ambivalent/Anxious attachment. Type 4; Disorganized attachment.…show more content…
For example, a child dropped off at his or her daycare by primary care giver (PCG) in turn starts to cry. That caregiver quickly reassures the child he or she will return and hands over the child to another caregiver who engage the child in play.
Type #2 of the four different attachments is, avoidant attachment. Which on the other hand depict insecurity between child and their PCG’s. “Children whose primary caregivers are rejecting of their bid for reassurance tend to develop avoidant attachments.” These children yarn for attention from their PCG’s and is often given the cold shoulder. The child may lash out due to lack of emotion from their PCG’s. These children are emotionally affected and tend to develop avoidance from others subsequently from previous
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