John Bowlby's Theory Of Attachment Essay

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Attachment is a basic concept that affects people’s mental health in various different ways, especially in the subject of psychology. Attachment is defined as building blocks which basically founded between infants and caregivers and also it is mutual, enduring tie between two people each of whom conduces to the quality of the relationship in human’s life span. If we look from evolutionary perspective, foundations of babiy’s attachment is include to guaranteeing to baby’s both psychosocial and physical needs by caregiver (Papalia & Feldman, 2011).One of the most used theory is ethological theory which was created by John Bowlby .Bowlby called the firstyear of child’sdevelop as "internal working models" (Fraley, 2002).Hesuggest that an internal working modelwas an emotional tie (attachment) to aprimary caregiver (generally mother), a bond which creates child’s perception and behavior by caregiver's behaviors (Bowlby, 1969).His two main factors of attachment includes; emotional support and protection supplied by the caregiver; andsecond, thechild's feelings of being loved.…show more content…
This security signed in thechild's experiential feeling of being loved and feeling worthy of receivingsupport andprotection. The feeling of being loved and feeling preciousofcare gave rise to the child'sperceptions and behaviors (Morris, 2000). His attachment study were on animals and according to his study result, he assured the importance of bond between infant and mother and he notifies about separating mother and baby without provide a good alternative care (giving care by other adults) (Papalia & Feldman,

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