John Brown: A Brief Biography

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John Brown was born on May 9, 1800 in Torrington, Connecticut . John Brown was a major change for American history. He was a radical , his father was very concerned about slavery and religion. No one could do anything about slavery, so John Brown wanted to do stuff but in his other plans for many different things, stuff never turned right and his plans would fail automatically. John Brown decided to take his father 's trade. John Brown later on had married Dianthe Lusk in 1820 and had lots of children but unfortunately she died in the 1830s. He got remarried to Mary Ann Day in 1833. John brown had moved a lot because of his financial situations. John Brown had gave free land to the African Americans, because he hated slavery so much that he wanted to do…show more content…
His case had gone quickly to the trial and then he got sentenced to death on November 2. He was hanged on December 2, 1859. John Brown had endangered so many lives of african americans. His plans always went wrong and they were never successful. So he already knew that he had a chance of endangering people. In 1858, he had gathered a small army of slaves. John Brown and 21 of his follower had attacked Harper’s Ferry. There goal was to capture supplies and to use them to arm a rebellion army. Also, John brown had declared bankruptcy at the age of 42. John Brown and five of his sons moved to Kansas just when the territory had been expanded for slavery, Kansas-Nebraska act. Brown had became a hero in the northerns eyes. In 1859, they had found a small farm and they had gotten weapons so they could use them for the Harper’s Ferry attack. In my opinion, It’s is a really hard discussion whether he was a villain or hero. I think I would say that he was a hero, because John brown had done something that no one ever dared to do. He had hated slavery so much and he kept on going even though he knew he had a risk of his plan not turning out right. He never gave up and he wanted to fight for what he thought that was
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