John Brown: A True Hero

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Who is John Brown? Some may say that he is a Hero, who fought for what he believed in. Others may say that he was a mad man who was... crazy. In this essay we, Jodi Manshack and Jordan Johnson, are here to tell you that John Brown isn 't as bad as you think.
John Brown was born on May 9, 1800, in Torrington, Connecticut, to Ruth Mills and Owen Brown. His parents were very big on the bible and hatred for slavery, which they taught their son.
By the age of 50, John brown consecrated his life to abolishing slavery. Brown was convinced God had selected him to lead slaves into freedom, and if that required violence, then that was God’s will, too. John really took those believes to heart.
Early 1859, John rented a farm near Harpers Ferry, Virginia, and collected weapons for his “army.” On October 16 1859, John and twenty-one followers attacked and occupied the federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry. Though he denied, It was believed that he was getting weapons to arm the slaves in order to lead a rebellion. Brown’s position was overrun, and he was quickly surrounded by militia (commanded by Col. Robert E. Lee.). John was captured and convicted for murder.
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John brown soon became a anti-slavery icon. In the eyes of north, Brown was a hero for what he had done to overthrow slavery.
So in conclusion, we believe that John Brown is a hero. He defended his own ideas and thought differently than anyone else in his era. He wasn 't afraid to throw away his earthly items and leave his wife. Not even the thought of death phased
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