John Brown Failure

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John Brown is a abolitionist who was against slavery and has made a big impact to the abolitionist movement for slavery. Many debate is John brown was a hero or a murderer. He planned to help the movement by opposing a raid on harper leas ferry and wanted to free slaves and help them fight back. However his decision left a different type of impact. The result of the act ended in inncocne people being killed, slaves being killed , and no slaves were able to be freed. The raid also had part in desturtion of giverment property. Overall The Raid was a failure and because of his failure and the results that happened he was sentenced to death. This Impacted all of the United states. Before his death he gave his final speech the audience. Many indivulas…show more content…
This was smart so then he was able to tell the truth and he didnt dad with a bad name Although he does expalin why he did everything and shows how he wanted to help the slaves he start to go to blame the court and their discion. During his speech he starts to talk about how the diecion of him to die was such a harsh decison of the court, even though he was many people to die and he caused damage and ditrupture to the country. For the rest of his speech besides the begggining he talks about how his punishment was to harsh and how he is a good person. In his speech he states, “I see a book kissed, which I suppose to be the Bible, or at least the New Testament, which teaches me that all things whatsoever I would that men should do to me, I should do even so to them.” After reading this part of his speech it seemed like he started to care only abot his repuation and himself. He talks less abou the people and in my opinion this makes him looks selfish. Besides eventhough he did not mean for all the people to die, it still happened and he should be punishemnt for the crimes he commmited. Therefore after John Browns speech i gained more repect for him but then losted
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